I am Divaasani Deva

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About Me

Who am I? 

Hi everyone! I am Divaasini, but you can call me Divaa. I am a Clinical Psychologist who graduated from the National University of Malaysia. As a clinical psychologist, I strive to provide a warm and encouraging environment for my client to express themselves. As Divaa, I love music, dance and trying (almost) everything at least once. 


How do I practice? 

I use a client-centered approach, integrating principles of therapies such as acceptance & commitment therapy, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy as well as interpersonal therapies. I am also experienced in behavioral therapies, social skills training and parent management training. 


I look forward to the collaborative work I will do with the client, in both understanding their concerns and approaching the treatment goals. In therapy, I believe in creating a safe and empowering environment. I also strongly believe in maintaining confidentiality and privacy of the client. 


Education & Experience

Bachelors in Psychology, UCSI University 

Masters in Clinical Psychology, National University of Malaysia (UKM)


In my Bachelors program, I was introduced to several aspects of psychology and the journey led me to specialize in Clinical Psychology. Through the program, I had worked with various populations of people and provided treatment to people from all walks of life. I have been placed in both a public health and community health setting, working with both clinical and non-clinical cases. 


As a practitioner, I aim to find solutions through research; my dissertation was a development of psychological preparation for elective neurosurgical patients, to provide support in the window prior to surgery where the patients experience anxiety and distress. I am also passionate about community empowerment and mental health awareness, through partaking in community service and organizing talks as well as workshops.



  • Anxiety, depression and stress-related issues 

  • Mood & Bipolar Disorders 

  • Grief/ Bereavement 

  • Panic Disorders 

  • Self-Harm 

  • Social Anxiety 

  • Personality Disorders

  • Trauma/ PTSD 

  • Communication and Intimacy

  • Couples Therapy